Polina Shulbaeva (Central Syberia)

Ms. Polina Shulbaeva is a Selkup woman from Central Siberia (Russia). The
population of the Selkup people is not more than 3,500 people in the world. She is
currently the International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB) regional
coordinator of Indigenous Peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe. She is also currently
working at the Center for Support of Indigenous Peoples of the North (CSIPN) and is
the Director of the Legal Information Center called Swallow.
Since 2000, Ms Shulbaeva has focused on issues relating to the protection of the
environment, indigenous rights, access to food, customary and sustainable use of
biodiversity, and traditional knowledge systems for sustainable development.
Ms Shulbaeva is a member of an Expert Group- “Aborigine Forum” Indigenous Peoples of Russia, where she shares her
knowledge as an expert on indigenous traditional knowledge and the UN Convention on Biodiversity.