Saoudata Walet Aboubacrine (Burkina Faso)

woman of the Sahel in Africa. For the last 20 years she has been active in the
promotion and protection of the human rights of Indigenous Peoples wit a focus on
pastoralist women. In collaboration with various NGOS, State institutions, specialized
agencies and organizations of the United Nations, her organization, Tin Hinane, has
conducted a number of studies on the issues of human rights relating to Indigenous
Peoples in Africa. One example was a study on the health of nomadic peoples in the
province of the Oudalan in Burkina Faso and the situation of the human rights of
Indigenous Peoples in Burkina Faso and Mali.
Ms. Aboubacrine is the Coordinator of Programs of Tin Hinane – The Association for
the development of nomadic women in Burkina Faso and Mali. Tin Hinane’s primary
focus is on the protection of the environment, biodiversity, taking into account gender and Indigenous women,
strengthening of capacity of women and their education in human rights, climate change, income generating and economic
empowerment in the framework of the fight against poverty.