Shreejana Pradhan (Nepal)

Ms. Shreejana Pradhan is from Kathmandu, Nepal and is a part of the National
Indigenous Women’s Federation (NIWF)- NEPAM.A. (Literature), and Tribhuvan
University. Her work experiences include serving as a Judiciary Mediator on a
Mediation Council in Nepal, working as an expert on the National Adaption Plan for
the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment under the Government of
Ms. Pradhan is also active with many organizations. For example she is the President
of the Rural Women Welfare Centre, the Vice President of the National Indigenous
Women’s Federation, an Executive Member of the Nepal Bhasha Misa Khala
(Indigenous Newar Women’s Organization), a member of the Newa Dey Daboo
(Newar’s National Forum), a Life Member of the Nepal Council of World Affairs, and
an advisor for Nepal Printer’s Association.