Tatiana Degai (Kamchatka, Russia)

Tatiana Degai is an Itelmen woman from Kamchatka, Russia. Being a member of the
Council of Itelmens “Tkhsanom”, Tatiana is actively involved with various projects on
culture and language development of Itelmens. She is holding PhD at the University of
Arizona, American Indian Studies/Linguistics, a Master on Arts at the University of
Alaska Fairbanks in Anthropology and a teaching degree in foreign languages from
Kamchatka State University. Therefore her research and community work borders with
indigenous education, sociolinguistics, ethnography, indigenous activism and
Tatiana has been involved with the Convention on Biological Diversity process since
2006 promoting sustainable development of her home Kamchatka through ethnoecological
education of indigenous youth, organizing ethno-ecological youth camps, publishing books on traditional
knowledge associated with salmon, and other initiatives