Valerie Karoniotakwen Gabriel (Kanehsatake, Canada)

Valerie Karoniotakwen Gabriel is an Indigenous Mohawk of Kanehsatake, She is the
owner of Kanehsatake Farm, a certified organic farm located on Kanehsatake Mohawk
Territory, in Quebec, Canada. Having graduated from Montreal’s Vanier College in
Environmental and Wildlife Management, her early years were focused on deploying
geographical information systems while gathering environmental data and carrying out
field assessments. Her experience in studying natural habitats and ecosystems would
serve as a primer for her later entry into organic agriculture.
Along with her environmental and agricultural pursuits, Valerie also holds certification
as a yoga instructor and spends a portion of her time teaching the discipline to youth
groups in and outside of her community. Her long term goals center on expanding the
capacity of her farm to provide organic garlic products wholesale to a broader market while actively promoting the benefits
of organic food production to small scale producers.