Yeshing Juliana Upun Yos (Guatemala)

Ms. Yeshing Juliana Upún Yos is a Mayan Kaqchikel woman from Guatemala. She is
beginning her career in law and is an advocate of Indigenous Peoples and women
rights. Her focus has been on the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples, especially as
they relate to natural resources and sustainable development with a focus on
biodiversity conservation based on traditional knowledge. In addition she has also
worked on the following issues- Mayan Peoples rights and Maya Women rights; Maya
development, communal management of lands and bio-cultural territories, forests,
biodiversity and management of collective areas by indigenous people; the Kaqchikel
Volcanic Chain; and climate change.
Ms Yeshing is currently a coordinator for Indigenous Peoples Rights of Sotzil
Association based in Guatemala. Sotzil has undertaken numerous technical and political activities relating to indigenous
peoples and their collective rights at a local, national, regional and international level. Her experiences demonstrate her
commitment to indigenous peoples, their spirituality, traditional knowledge, language, culture, and identity.