Yolanda Teran (Ecuador)

Ms. Yolanda Teran is an Indigenous Kichwa woman from Ecuador. She has a PhD in
Education from the University of New Mexico and is a Social Sciences researcher and
professor of Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Self-Determination in the
Department of Native Studies at the University of New Mexico.
Yolanda is the Ecuador Focal Point for the Indigenous Women’s Biodiversity Network
of Latin America and the Caribbean. She also serves as the coordinator of education
and culture of the Andes Indigenous Organization called Chinchasuyu.
Ms. Teran’s experiences also include serving as a regional coordinator for Latin
America and the Caribbean Group of indicators on traditional knowledge of the CBD,
a negotiator for the Latin America and the Caribbean region in the International Regime on Access and Benefit Sharing, a
representative in the Indigenous Peoples Advisory Council (IPAC) for the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, and a
representative in the IPAC for Communication Education and Public Awareness (CEPA).
Biografia corta:
Indigena Kichwa del Ecuador
PhD en Educacion Indigena en la Universidad de New Mexico
Investigadora en Ciencias Sociales y profesora de Pueblos Indigenas, Derechos Humanos y Auto-determinacion en el
Departamento de Estudios Nativos de la Universidad de New Mexico
Punto Focal del Ecuador de la Red de Mujeres Indigenas sobre Biodiversidad para America Latina y El Caribe
Coordinadora de Educacion y Cultura de la Organizacion Indigena Andes Chinchasuyu
Ex-coordinadora regional de America Latina y El Caribe del Grupo de indicadores sobre conocimiento tradicional del
Ex-negociadora por America Latina y El Caribe en el Regimen Internacional de Acceso y Reparto de Beneficios
Representante Indigena en el IPAC para la implementacion del Protocolo de Nagoya
Representante Indigena en el IPAC para CEPA