Zaninka Penninah (Uganda)

Zaninka Penninah is the Coordinator of the United Organisation for Batwa
Development in Uganda (UOBDU), an organisation that advocates for Batwa rights.
As the coordinator she is responsible for the following duties: manages all the
resources/assets of the organization, attends and advocates at local, national, regional
and international meetings on behalf of UOBDU, liaise with donors and agencies,
provides technical support to UOBDU by strengthening its organisational capacity,
plans organisational activities, implements projects, raises funds, monitors and
evaluates activities, and reports on organisational activities.
One of her noticeable achievements include creating a participatory 3-D model of the
Bwindi and Mgahinga forests for Batwa cultural and natural landscape based on Batwa
traditional knowledge and sharing it with different conservation agencies and other interested people. This project
supported the Batwa when they submitted a case to the constitutional court. Ms. Penninah has worked closely with the
communities and other partners to ensure that the Batwa have the capacity to strongly articulate their issues in order to
advance their views especially as they relate to the Convention on Biological Diversity. She is also an active member of
the African Indigenous Womens’ Organization.