Side event at WG8J

Indigenous women Biodiversity Network Organized a side event together with patners during the WG8J meetings in Geneva.The Side events was about the Voices of Indigenous Women:Our role in Global  Biodiversity framework.Indigenous women from  Africa,Latin America,Asia,Pacific,Russia and the Carribean presented different roles played by Indigenous women in the different regions represented.

Presentations During The Side event

Faith Nataya in her presentation mentioned that “Indigenous women have traditionally played a crucial role in managing and safeguarding ecosystems. They possess unique knowledge and understanding of their local environments, which has been passed down through generations. This knowledge includes species identification especially indigenous medicinal trees that are important to the community for their medicinal value. “

Polina in her presentation said “Indigenous women are actively involved in the negotiation and decision making process within the family, clan, community, settlement, they have practices and this happens within the system of gender relation”

Ruth Spencer from the Caribean Region in her presentation mentioned that “Women [from #LocalCommunites in #Antigua] are working on ecosystem restoration by creating a seedbank and planting trees that are native to the island,and therefore without the women, where would we be in terms of food security and biodiversity conservation in our communities?”

Pirawan Wongnithisathaporn from the Philiphines

Recognize and respect #IndigenousWomen as crucial partners in the #Conservation, protection , and enhancement of #Biodiversity” “We are not only thinking about this generation,but thinking about our children and the future.We are also thinking about the past with our elders.The past still remain with us and that knowledge will pass on to another generation”