Organization Background

The History of Indigenous Women’ and Biodiversity Network (IWBN) started in
1998. The main goal of the network is promote and ensure the active
participation of Indigenous Women in the entire relevant international
environmental for and promote the vital role that Indigenous women play in the
prot3edtion of the environment.

“the vital role that women play in the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity” and affirms “the need for the full participation of women at all levels of policymaking and implementation for biological diversity conservation”.

Our Objective

The objective of the IWBN is to bring the issues of indigenous women to the forefront of international discussions while emphasizing the vital role they play in biodiversity conservation. The network facilitates a community of practice relating to the themes of this project- Indigenous Women, Traditional Knowledge, Policy, and Biodiversity Conservation. The network has members from all seven (7) regions of the world- Africa, Asia, Artic, North and Latin America, Pacific and Russia.